Geriatric Care Management

A Certified Care Manager is a health and human specialist that provides advocacy, oversight and management of both medical and non-medical care of elderly and dependent adults. 

When seeking a Geriatric Care Manager you will want to do your due diligence and verify that they are indeed certified by an accredited agency. Unfortunately, the term “Elder Care Manager” is loosely used by unqualified individuals. It is important to not only interview a potential Geriatric Care Manager but to check their references. A reputable Geriatric Care Manager will gladly share this information with you. You can also find an abundance of information by simply typing their name into an internet search engine. 

We are proud to say that our team has the only certified Geriatric Care Manager in the Brazos Valley. You can feel confident in your choice when you select a Care Manager that holds the CMC credential. 

Our Care Management division is a fee-based service and assists with identifying and addressing both immediate and long-term barriers that create challenges for seniors and their family members. 

Some common areas that a Certified Care Manager can guide you through:

• Medication management and oversight of physician orders

• Advanced healthcare planning & execution of appropriate forms

• Crisis management

• Dementia related behavior management

• Conflict resolution & managing dynamic situations

• Accessing and coordinating resources such as home health, hospice or non-medical In-Home Care

• Creating a comprehensive care plan for the home-based setting

• Identifying hazards in the home and coordinating modifications to afford greater independence

• Coordinating care between multiple medical providers

• Coordination and oversight of non-medical providers and contractors

• Working with long term care insurance policies

• Determining eligibility for Veteran’s benefits such as the Aid & Attendance pension

Our team will provide you with solutions to these challenges and much more. We will connect you with the agencies that will best meet your loved one’s needs and then assist with coordinating services and benefits. We are here to guide, advocate and support you and your loved one. 

There is never a fee for a consultation appointment and our team will accommodate evening and weekend house-calls. 

If you or your loved one are experiencing challenges, please contact us. Our experienced, certified team members are here to help.

Wondering what working with our team is like? Read what Tim and Gregg have to say:

"Benita's well-rounded knowledge of care strategies, medication, dementia, management, people skills and general problem solving make her one of the finest experts in geriatric care I have ever known. Frankly, I can think of none better."

-Tim Kounter

"Benita was amazing with the way she bonded with each patient in a kind and gentle way that would win them over from the fit they might be having, or cause them to smile or laugh. Benita would take the time to get down to my client's level, hold her hand, look into her eyes and somehow reach the reasonable person inside and calm her down."

-Gregory Honegger

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