Why work with us?

"Benita, thank you so much for the training session today. I have been to many sessions, and today's presentation was the most useful I have ever attended. You addressed issues we are concerned about, gave wonderful practical suggestions, and kept it informal and light. You have a wonderful technique for getting people involved and comfortable asking questions."

-Anne Boyle

What is a Caregiver Coach?

A Caregiver Coach is a Life Coach that has received special training in the areas of caregiving, aging care, dementia, common challenges caregivers face, family dynamics and other skills pertinent to this particular niche.  A professional Life Coach is a highly trained individual that works with clients to identify and overcome challenges and barriers to allow the client to take action and move forward in a positive way.  Benita Hampton is a certified Master Life Coach that specializes in working with women that provide care to their aging loved ones. 

What kind of coaching is offered?

We offer online coaching courses, virtual group coaching, virtual 1x1 coaching and in-person coaching.  

Since most of our coaching clients are providing hands-on care for a loved one, we have created a virtual coaching program that allows you to connect with us and have your coaching session right in the comfort of your own home from your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Our online coaching courses are self paced and presented in an easy to follow manner.  

Virtual group coaching is available on a first come, first served basis and the groups are mindfully kept small in an effort to encourage group discussion and problem solving.

Virtual 1x1 coaching can be either short term to tackle acute issues that arise, or more of a long term relationship to provide ongoing support and skill building.

Interested and want to find out more?

Head over to our sister website to learn more about Benita as a coach and the different coaching programs that are currently available. 

Do you like podcasts?  We do too! 

Be sure to check out "The Caregiver Coach podcast" on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts or anywhere you like to listen to podcasts.  Benita will host this podcast and upload new episodes weekly.

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Did you know?

Nearly half of all caregivers have trouble balancing work and caregiving.

20% of adult children are currently caring for an aging parent.

Of working caregivers, 8% say that they have been sidelined from job growth opportunities because of their caregiving responsibilities.

In the US, most caregivers are female and the person receiving care is the caregiver's mother.

Women have been found to be more susceptible to caregiver burnout than men. Those who are responsible for helping someone with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or a debilitating illness are also at a high risk of developing their own medical issues.

Depression affects 20 to 40 percent of all caregivers.

Do you know of a caregiver that needs a coach?

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Why work with us?

"Benita Hampton and Texas Senior Advocates have been an incredible information and support resource for everyone attending the year long dementia workshops at Christ United Methodist Church!"

-Judy Segers






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